Sourcing Your Vision with Partnership

by Kelly Mobeck

Whether you have a personal or professional vision, you must take action to manifest that vision in the real world. Leaders understand that no vision is ever obtained without enrolling partnership in sourcing their vision. What often stops people from asking for partnership, collaboration, or contribution in creating their vision is the mindset of “selling” it.

First and foremost are you enrolled in yourself and the value of your vision? You must be enrolled in you own plan first! Second, when you talk to others about what you are doing, listen for value and shared purpose in their response. Be sure to also identify the potential outcomes in the partnership – this is key! Having just this much information will assist you in bridging the gap toward partnership. Your vision is the product. Do you believe in it?  If the answer is yes then feel free to sell it!

Just as important is keep yourself open for new opportunities, contacts and information that will assist you to move forward and clarify the path. So stay alert and on watch, as you won’t want to miss them because you weren’t paying attention!

Remember, you can’t make anybody do anything they truly do not intend to do! So, this gives you a large playing field to invent and create partnerships that will support you in sourcing your vision. Give yourself full permission to be outrageous! Remember, masterful salespeople create relationship and partnership with their clients so they come back again and again – they have mastered the art of enrollment! Effective leaders know that enrolling partnership collaboration, and contribution is key in manifesting vision.


  1. DECLARE your vision out loud.
  2. Establish immediate and short-term GOALS that will bring you closer to your vision.
  3. ENROLL PARTNERSHIPS of shared purpose, value and outcomes.
  4. Take ACTION.

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