My Source Point Community Launches

by Tommy Ruff and Ginny Carter

Talk about revolutionary, consider what has come from social media. Just two years ago it was Facebook, mostly used by teenagers. Now everyone is writing on digital walls. There are so many choices, and we all know that choice is better than no choice.

At Source Point Training, we are committed to facilitating revolutionary change, not only in the lives of those participating in our trainings – but in the lives of everyone in our circle of influence. We intend to be a source of information and expanding shared knowledge for all those involved. That’s why we created My Source Point Community, our very own social network, for those who have attended our trainings, both now and previous to Source Point Training.

Why be a part of My Source Point Community when there are already so many other communities and online networks available? Let’s consider why we would choose to a part of any community:
•    We all have something in common
•    The relationship we share
•    The contributions we can make
•    What you can learn from the diversity of others
•    It is a place to share success and ask for support
•    We have fun with a group of people who really know who we are – not just another name
•    It is easy!
•    We are all in partnership at Source Point Training working toward changing this world.

You will have an opportunity to participate in discussion groups, as well as monitor our blogs where you will hear from our founders and facilitators on a variety of topics to impact your life and community. You will also be able to ask questions and get responses from master coaches and facilitators who are committed to your success. You will have an opportunity to share resources (such as documents, practices, etc.) and brainstorm ideas and opportunities with each other. We will have multiple groups to support a wide variety of interests.

There are no membership fees. To become a member of My Source Point Community, go to and click on the “Community” link. We look forward to seeing you there!

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