Leadership Today

by Kelly Mobeck

Now, more than ever, it is so important to invent and create our roles and goals both personally and professionally, especially amidst our current global challenges.

In these times, having vision to lead us, gives us something to reach for, something to achieve and something to contribute to. It can be a big breath of fresh air! We all can utilize tools, skills, structure and support to keep our vision in sight and on track.

It is imperative we all realize our unique leadership today!

Four Myths of Leadership

  1. Leadership is a rare skill. Nothing could be further from the truth. While great leaders may be rare, everyone has leadership potential. More importantly, people may be leaders in one area of their life and have quite ordinary roles in another. The truth is leadership opportunities are plentiful and within reach for all of us.
  2. Leaders are born, not made. Don’t believe it. The truth is, major capacities and competencies of leadership can be realized. This is not to suggest that it is easy to be a leader. There is no secret formula that leads to successful leadership. Instead, it is a deeply human process, full of trial and error, victories and defeats, timing and opportunity, as well as intuition, and insight.
  3. Leadership exists only at the top of an organization. In fact, the larger the organization, the more leadership roles and opportunities it is likely to have.
  4. Leaders control, direct, prod, and manipulate. Leadership is not so much the exercise of power itself as the empowerment of others. Leaders are able to translate intentions into reality by aligning the results of an individual or organization behind their goals. Leaders lead by enrolling people to use their own initiative and experiences rather than by denying or constraining their experiences and actions.

So how do you tap into your own potential and realize your leadership? Follow these Leadership Source tips.

Leadership Steps to Mastery
1.    Declare your commitment
2.    Get a coach
3.    Surrender your competence and surrender to the discipline
4.    Practice to produce results
5.    Be at stake…you’ve got to mean it!

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