It’s All In the Word

by Kelly Mobeck

In January, the country celebrated Martin Luther King Jr., a man whose legacy of leadership continues to manifest. This man stood for diversity, embracing human beings far beyond the color of their skin. He believed in unity for all. I imagine this man’s legacy will continue to be realized because he was willing to stand for his dream. Each of us are leaders and yet we seldom stop to acknowledge our leadership. When I stopped to ask my 12-year-old son what leadership was, he said “It is in the word itself, the ability to navigate through life and influence.” I think he’s on it! Where do you influence others in positive ways? What is the impact you make? Leadership is not about grand gestures. It is about individual attitudes and actions that make the difference.

Today, our world has witnessed a catastrophic event in Haiti. This has everyone’s attention, and has called forth action. Many have stepped-up from a place of compassion and contributed what they could from, prayers, financial aid, adoption and medical assistance to military expertise.

One of the stories that inspired me was of a small village where amidst all the chaos, they came together looking for possibility and focused on supporting each other. They spent time together in song and prayer. What I saw was their smiles, connectedness, collaboration and a shared purpose to get through the devastation and loss. Each moment is a choice to see what is possible, and their attitude was one of possibility and rising above being in effect of devastation. In witnessing this, I am reminded that we all have choices and can create something extraordinary even in the toughest of situations –our attitude makes all the difference.

In our Leadership Source training, individuals see all that they have to contribute and are coached rigorously over ten weeks to achieve goals and influence others. They will begin to embrace their opportunity to create revolutionary change which will leave a legacy of their leadership.

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  1. Leslie
    Leslie says:


    Great thoughts on leaders, influence and the connection piece! Authentically knowing and owning my leadership influence is key for me to connect with others where they are and make a difference.


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