Coaching Boot Camp

by Kelly Mobeck, Director of Leadership Source

So what’s all this buzz about Coaching Boot Camp? It’s an exciting and highly interactive session from Source Point Training that allows you to see and experience coaches in action. You leave with a clear plan of action for a challenging goal you are facing.

Source Point Training launched Coaching Boot Camp this month in Morgan Hill, California, and had so much fun meeting and working with all of those attending. Barbara Fagan worked with the group on leading from purpose, vision and accountability and then the Leadership Coaches worked with groups defining outcomes, identifying barriers and creating goals for moving forward. Everyone left with action steps for moving forward in realizing the outcome they wanted to create. The excitement was high. Great value, and fun, was created!

What we learned is everyone has something they want in life and don’t always believe it can really be achieved. It is amazing what was created in two hours! The participants really took on tapping into their natural leadership and learned where they wanted to contribute within themselves and also with others. People walked away not only believing they can accomplish their outcome, but also with declared action steps in place. They learned that accountability is a moment-to-moment choice and a powerful tool in creating desired results in life.

We will be offering Coaching Boot Camp several more times over the next month in Sunnyvale, Sacramento, Valencia and the San Fernando Valley. We invite you to come with your goals, bring your friends and share this exciting event with everyone you know. For dates and exact locations please email [email protected]

It’s the absolute best time to work with a coach to help assure your success! You learn and apply tools on leadership and accountability with focus on setting goals and objectives, based on your purpose and vision. Reach your goals in 2010!

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