Be the Source for Harmony

by Kelly Mobeck

We live in a world of constant change and fast moving days. How can we achieve balance in our lives, and can we really achieve it in these times?

Do you often find yourself in a time crunch, wishing you had more than 24 hours in the day? Source Point Training Co-Founder Barbara Fagan says, “Looking for balance is like asking for each day to be perfect.”

Accepting what is balance for you is much more rejuvenating. Here’s the truth about balance: it is impossible to be balanced in all areas of your life all the time. If one area is balanced, then another area probably will not be. What is possible is to create harmony and accept the “natural flow of your life.”

Here are two great keys to bring about harmony in your life.

1. Set intentions and priorities at the start of each day. List the first three items on the list as a “must do” item. These become a priority — your highest priority — make sure you finish them.

2. Set short-term goals, intermediate goals and long-term goals and stick to them. Then equally as important, acknowledge yourself when you are complete. Completing any task, project or goal releases “energy” and creates a possibility for something new. So be sure to take the time to stop and acknowledge your completions each day.

Leaders realize that they are the architects for creating what they want in their life. Completion is a way to bridge the gap from being in effect of time and experiencing harmony.

The completion process is simple:

  • Acknowledge what is so (without judging the facts or yourself).
  • Acknowledge what has been accomplished and/or acknowledge what is left undone.
  • Ask yourself if there are more action items to do. If so, write them down and schedule them.
  • Ask yourself if there is anything else to say that will leave you empowered. If so, to whom? Say it or schedule yourself to say it.
  • As you take action you are ready to move on, and are complete.

Now accept the harmony/natural flow of your life!

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